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No need to install any software, available everywhere, easy and powerful. With TriDyme, your work is directly in the browser.


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A Marketplace of online cloud applications for construction

TriDyme offers a marketplace of applications that can be used to compute structural analysis and to visualize BIM models.

Moreover, TriDyme helps construction's companies to develop their own cloud-based (online) applications.


Innovation and competitiveness

TriDyme is aimed at providing tools benefiting from the latest technological innovations, in order to save you time, money and to refocus on the essentials.

We offer cloud apps fully integrated in the web browser, an Artificial Intelligence engine named Calypso, as well as mobile applications.

TriDyme reconciles technical and business expertise to support you in the success of your projects.

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Structure 3D for structural analysis

Structure 3D

Structure 3D allows you to analyse, via a 3D software, the stress and displacements of a structure subjected to external forces, directly in your browser.

Steel Section at eurocode

Steel Section

Steel Section allows you to design steel sections with international codes (Eurocode 3, API, AISC,...).

Steel Section
Concrete Section for concrete calculation

Concrete Section

Concrete Section allows you to design concrete sections with international codes (Eurocode 2, ACI, BAEL, ...).

Concrete Section

And many more applications ...

No Installation, No Maintenance

No installation, no maintenance

No more licences by key, complicated installations and updates that generate bugs. All you need is an internet connection to launch your analyses on the computer or mobile phone of your choice.

TriDyme offers cloud apps directly available in your browser.

No Installation, No Maintenance
Powerfull and Simple
Powerfull and Simple

Easy and powerful

With the Cloud, analyses are perfomed on servers. You are notified as soon as your analysis is ready. You are no longer blocked by a software that uses the full power of your computer.

What's more, thanks to its asynchronous calculating system, you can launch several analyses at once.

Guaranty to not lose its data

No data loss

With TriDyme, your data is stored in the Cloud, so you can't lose it.

Whether you are at home, on construction site or travelling abroad, you can find your work and analyses with just one click.

Guaranty to not lose its data